About Art Access

Our Mission

Art Access builds an inclusive and diverse arts community in Utah through creative opportunities for people with disabilities and other marginalized communities, and through public engagement in the arts.

Art Access offers a diverse collection of mission-driven programs, including gallery exhibitions, workshops, artist residencies, literary arts activities, a mentorship program, and community outreach. Many of these programs have benefited from partnerships with local educational, artistic, and public service organizations. We are an affiliate of VSA, which is a program of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts through its Office of VSA & Accessibility. We were assigned Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts, & Parks Tier 1 status in 2014, and were awarded NEA Art Works (2014) and Challenge America (2015) grants. We are the only arts organization in Utah that focuses on serving individuals with disabilities.

Art Access embraces the idea that the arts provide the perfect means for people to tell their stories, articulate their identities, and educate a great number of individuals for the common good. We serve a diverse population of adults and children with and without disabilities, as well as the elderly, youth-at-risk, refugees, the homeless, veterans, and other disenfranchised peoples. By engaging the community in educational and artful experiences through our galleries and programming, Art Access continues to play a significant role in helping to eliminate social barriers and create an inclusive world for everyone through art.

Help Art Access provide inclusive arts programming for Utahns with disabilities and those with limited access to the arts.

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Our 300 Plates Fundraiser and Exhibition takes place the third Thursday in May each year.