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October 18 through November 7, 2013

Opening Reception: October 18, 6-9 p.m.

Art Access Gallery: “Bumble, Fumble and Stumble,” Brian Bean, Brent Croxton and Mark Robison, a visual examination of how mistakes, accidents and fortune affect everyday life.

For their exhibit, the three artist friends examine how mistakes, accidents and fortune, good or ill, affect everyday life. They propose to do this through painting (Mark), pastels (Brian), and graphic design (Brent). Since fate can be absurd or tragic, their work will examine both. Mostly funny, sometimes dark, they will let personality, inclination, and circumstance drive their work.

Their exhibit poses the question: "Do we really make lemonade from lemons? Can we maintain dignity in the face of humiliation? Are we masters of our fate, or do we just bumble, fumble, and stumble from one fix to the next?"

Access II Gallery: "Totally Wired People" Wire portrait sculptures by Sam Guevara

As a graphic designer, Sam Guevara created artwork that communicated a vision for his clients. In his various roles in the Salt Lake City Mayor's Office, Sam created a public image to implement the vision of the Mayor. In both cases Sam came face-to-face with thousands of people from all areas of Utah life. With the complex government and graphic business world now behind him, Sam is experiencing a more calm way of life - a contrast from his deadlined, demanding surroundings of years past. "My new perspective simplifies people's images from an unfocused silhouette to a defined profile with many sides and angles, all in view (wire sculpture). Their emotions and character were emphasized with color (painting). The artwork is of people I've met, but with changed first names as titles. I call them my Totally Wired People," he says.

To view Sam Guevara's portfolio, visit his WEBSITE


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