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March 21 through April 11, 2014

Artists Reception - Gallery Stroll
Friday, March 21, 6-9 PM

Exhibit Dates
March 21 - April 11

Art Access Gallery:
Caitlin Connolly's paintings reflect her view of the human experience, "life, death, tragedy, joy, loneliness, spirituality, and progression." Growing up the only girl in a family of three brothers, Connolly claims, "it was difficult for me to identify with women. My work often explores the feminine experience as I attempt to understand myself and all women more fully and view them the way I see them - powerful yet flawed."

Access II Gallery:

Thrive is the result of a collaborative art-making experience by first and sixth grade students of Washington Elementary School. Curated by Visual Art Specialist, Megan Hallett, Thrive asks the question, "What does it mean to thrive? What does it look like? Sound like? Feel like?"

What does it mean to you? What is the difference between living and thriving? Who helps us in our journey? Bring your family to an exhibit that will challenge you to look around at the resources and people that help each of us thrive.

The 2013-2014 Thrive Collective consists of:
Makayla Boucher, Mickie Boucher, Ezekiel Brinkerhoff, Oliver Burdick, Ivan Cardenas, Jesus Cortez, Tyler Good, Sophia Jones, Alexis Nunez Solis, Itzel Padilla, Sophie Poll, Xzadrin Rico, Selemun Sadi, Chase Solt, Jessica Vargas-Renteria, Ruby Velasquez, Paige Wood, James Barton, Kolb Christiansen, Talavion Contreras, Tessa Curtis, Juan Flores, Krystal Hernandez, Leslie Martinez, Jennyfer Mejia, Isabel Moreno, Ixchel Padilla, Lino Ramirez, Elias Sadi, Malik Saeed, Katherine Sanabria, Hannah Stetler, Alexandra Thomas, Juan Huerta, Jessenia Ramirez, Megan Hallett, Virginia Catherall, Joseph Warren, Anthony Miller, Audrey Thompson, Kelby McIntyre-Martinez, Kerri Hopkins, and Kepler Kramer.

Help Art Access provide inclusive arts programming for Utahns with disabilities and those with limited access to the arts.

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Our 300 Plates Fundraiser and Exhibition takes place the third Thursday in May each year.