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April 18 through May 6, 2014

Exhibition Dates: APRIL 18 - MAY 6

Artists' Reception: Friday, April 18, 6-9 PM

Art Access Gallery
Taking Flight, ceramic sculptures by Dennise Gackstetter

"In this exhibition, I explore transcendence. In my mind, to transcend is to move into a state of lightness, reflected in the qualities of ease and joy. This can happen in several ways and at any moment in a life. When we let go of something heavy, which weighs us down, it no longer saps our energy or burdens our soul. These are things that no longer serve us, or possessions that we no longer need. These may be objects, old stories, people we know, even our body. When we let go of a burden, we release tension and are transformed." – Dennise Gackstetter

Access II Gallery
Syndrome Psychology by Logan Madsen

Syndrome Psychology is an inspiring and moving art exhibit of autobiographical paintings done by local artist Logan Madsen, a man who has multiple, visible disabilities and autism. "Syndrome Psychology invites you to stare at my deformities caused by my rare genetic disease Miller Syndrome, by staring at my oil paintings. The unknown is scary. With this exhibit I am baring my reality for everyone to see. This includes the psychological effects of looking different alongside autism and a chronic genetic lung condition. My autism locks on to the subtle details in life as exhibited in my paintings. There is beauty and magic that exists in even a small patch of skin. We all have skin. Please come and share my rare experience and celebrate how much we all have in common." – Logan Madsen

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