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March 20 through April 10, 2015

Opening Night Reception: March 20, 6-9 p.m.
Meet the artists and mingle with fellow "gallery strollers." This event is open to the public.


Art Access Gallery:
What's My Name? An Alzheimer's and dementia mixed media exhibit curated by Sue Martin

This exhibit explores visual expression of dementia and memory loss by those who suffer from the disease and those who care for them. Further, it explores how creative expression stimulates memory, linking present and past, and how art-making helps caregivers process the daily frustrations and fears that accompany their changing roles as their loved ones’ cognitive function slips away.

Participating Artists: Sue Martin, Loné Vilnius, Irene Rampton, Peg Hardin, Leonard Romney, Jerry Hardesty and Elizabeth Brown (with some additional works by individuals with Alzheimer's).

(above artwork: LaLa Land by Sue Martin)

SAVE THE DATE - Panel Discussion:
On Thursday, March 26, Art Access will host a panel discussion with several of the artists and Dr. Jill Crowell, a representative of the Alzheimer’s Association who, herself, has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. The focus of the discussion will be on creative expression as a respite for caregivers and as a life-enriching aid for those who suffer dementia and memory loss.

Access II Gallery:

Brainwear/Brainware: Symptoms, Fears and Hopes About Multiple Sclerosis by Ryan Moffett

Artist Ryan Moffett was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in January of 2013. His initial reactions – shock and fear –were followed by a need to express his feelings through art.

"Symptoms of imbalance, dizziness, weight-loss, pins-and-needles, numbness and fatigue, as well as the fear of losing control of my body and mind or ending up in a wheelchair, all reveal themselves in my artwork. But the most soothing part comes from expressing the hope that I have found," said Moffett of his work.



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