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Artist's Reception & Gallery Stroll
Friday, Semptember 15th, 2017, 6-9 PM          

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5th Annual Art2Go Event

Thirty one artists will be participating in our 5th Annual Art2Go event. Each artist is asked to create a variety of works that will be made available in pricing categories ranging from $50 to $500+. The best part, purchasers take their art home the same day. It's art – to go! 

2017 Featured Artists: Brian Bean, Brandt BernstonJenna Von BenediktKatrina Berg, Lindey Carter, David Cassil, Andrew EhningerChad Farnes, Kindra Fehr, CJ HalesStephanie HockShami Kanekar, Vita Kobylkina, Blake Luther, Bee Losee, Shari LyonHoward Lyon, Samantha LongSue MartinJuanita Marshall, Ed Napia, Lance Peacock, Fiona PhillipsCassandria Parsons, John Parsons , Heather Rison, Colby SanfordKelly SeimStephanie Swift, Justin Wheatley and Clint Whiting.

 Painting (above) by Vita Kobylkina. This beautiful piece will be available for sale at Art Access' Art2Go.

Come join us for Gallery Stroll on Friday, September 15th from 6-9pm. RSVP on our FB Page



Of Stone and Sustenance


E. Clark Marshall


Saturday morning cartoons held no candle to cooking shows in my young mind. In the days before Food Network those programs were rare and precious to me and I savored every minute I could. My childhood passion for food never died.  A brief stint as a cook in high school revealed a sad truth to me—I was not meant for the professional kitchen.  Clay came into my life that same year and I often dreamed of marrying the two passions. I longed for the occasion to design custom pieces for chefs.  The dining scene in Salt Lake City during the 1990s, however, didn’t give me much hope. I was sure no chef in the area would ever invest in handmade dinnerware.   

That scenario changed in 2012 when I first dined at Forage Restaurant under Bowman Brown.  His commitment to local produce, complex preparation, and simple flavors became a turning point for me as both a lover of food, and a ceramic artist.  I brought a sample portfolio to him and the rest is history. Mutual admiration for our crafts quickly turned into a collaboration.  The synergy led us to explore a great many ideas.  There was one particular idea—sculptural forms as dinnerware—which left me most inspired.  While only one such form was used at Forage, I pursued the idea for a further three years.  The results of that exploration are the focus this show: “Of Stone and Sustenance”. 

Clark Marshall creates functional sculpture. On display will be unique sampling of his works. All pieces in this collection are intentionally raw, unglazed and gritty in order to showcase each piece in the series is a work of minimalistic scuplture.

Marshall's work has been featured in Salt Lake Magazine, including the 2017 Dining Awards, and the Food and Wine Magazine. 











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