AUG 17- SEPT 14 2018: Light and Constant Movement //Bits and Pieces

Artist's Reception & Gallery Stroll

Friday, August 17, 6 - 9 PM

Exhibit Dates: August 17- September 14



Light and Constant Movement

Screen Shot 2018 07 14 at 3.22.08 PM 

The Sounds of the Gathering, Maria Marta

“Nature abstracted”- that is the closest description of my intent when creating a painting.

My work is always inspired by movement and change happening in nature. Use of color, light, and hints of motion help to create different atmospheres in each image. My intention in using a large canvas sizes is to amplify the importance and beauty of often small, or unnoticed objects in our environment, around us. This is where I draw out the abstract dimension of the artwork.

My mission in using traditional oil-painting techniques to create these works is simply to create a kind of release and relief from our daily struggles, stressors, or problems. Bringing simple beauty, the nature here around us can be a source for overcoming what overwhelms us, as long as we are open to discovery and generally accepting. I’m hopeful that people visiting this exhibit of my artwork will be inspired by it - inspired towards change and positive thinking, in believing in inherent goodness and in beauty.

The materials used in creating the artwork include traditional oil techniques on primed canvases with simple framing.

-Maria Marta




Bits and Pieces

unnamed 6

Unnamed 6, Deborah Durban

I am a trained, life long artist who has lived in the Zion Canyon area of Southern Utah for sixteen years. I count myself as a mixed media artists who uses book art, iPad and other forms of media to create imagery and art pieces that offer intrigue and dialogue to the view. I was formerly trained at Wimbledon School of Art, London and at Brighton and Sussex University, both in Sussex, England.  
I have a neurological condition known as Transverse Myelitis since 2007. With the condition also comes an energy level issue, amongst other problems. This collage technique and using other book arts, has enabled me to remain and artist by working in short sessions in my home studio.  

My current work is mixed media collaged portraits of people and pets, using a particular collaging technique I learnt at the Jonathon Talbot workshop at SUU in 2015
-Deborah Durban



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