SEPT 21- OCT 12 2018: Back to School Special

Artist's Reception & Gallery Stroll

Friday, September 21, 6 - 9 PM

Exhibit Dates: September 21- October 12



Back to School Speical 


Space Toads

18 x 24 mixed media

by Owen and Jenni Eames


Join us for our Back to School Group Show featuring work by artists and their children. 

Responsibility and freedom, stillness and spontaneity, work and play are just some of the opposites that need to be blended together in family life. 

Parenting life is full of opposites and each day we find ourselves adding something new to our green smoothies... gymnastics, words of affirmation, vitamin D, all for the sake of a balance and successfull-ish lives. 
Life seems to be separate into neat little pieces. School days are divided into subjects, planned lunches and dinners followed by scheduled afternoons. A little bit of everything, everyday,  seems to be the secret recipe. 
I have come to the conclusion that good parenting is an Art. It isn’t created in the peaceful confines of a studio while playing your favorite music or in a quiet pastoral setting next to an easel. Instead the art of parenting is created in the carpool lane while you pray for courage for both you and your child. It grows right before dinner when everyone is hungry and your name is played like a favorite song... but it isn’t. It develops on crazy and bad hair-days. It is never flawless, and progress isn’t always linear let alone balance. In these set of paintings I resisted the urge of instructing my children just like I would resist on a rainy day “Don’t fall,” “You will get soaked.” 
My restraint was rewarded by their joy and the look of accomplishment on their faces. 

The world seen through the eyes of a child is a delicious place full of passion, curiosity and enjoyment. Their minds are still untouched by adult ideas about balance and perfection. Perhaps the best contribution I made as an artist was to hid behind the mom who is finally learning to make space for unbalanced and imperfections and be the lucky adult companion of their creative minds.-Elizabeth Sanchez 


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