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Artist's Reception & Gallery Stroll 

Friday, January 18, 6 - 9 PM

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Saturday, Feburary 2, 1 - 4 PM



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"Breathing" by Kelie Hess, 2018 Partner's Mentee. 

Art Access is pleased to re-open the Partners Annual Exhibit this year with a wonderful group of mentors and mentees!  This one-of-a-kind professional artistic development program for artists with disabilities has seen many incredible artists pass through its ranks over the years: from Darryl Wilkinson to Terry Mitchell, and Bernard Simbari to Marcee Blackerby (who is featured this month in Access II). Since its inception in 1995, we have borne witness to a key moment of growth for many artists, -- both mentees and mentors --  and this year was no different. Many of this year’s participants have been part of the Art Access community for years. It has been a pleasure to watch them step into something new - be it taking on a new role, working with a new medium, or exploring new themes. We are proud of their hard work, growth, and commitment to creative expression.


The 2018 partnerships are:

Toddmary Bërn (mentee) work with Joe Ostraff (mentor) in oil & acrylic painting

Lori Brock (mentee) - Melissa Leilani Larson (mentor) in playwriting

Carla Gourdin (mentee) - Linnie Brown (mentor) in mixed media & oil painting

Kelie Hess (mentee) - Brian Bean (mentor) in oil & acrylic painting

Bee Losee (mentee) - Kindra Fehr (mentor) in oil painting

Please mark your calendars for a staged reading of Lori Brock’s play, Strength, on February 1st at 7:30 pm at Art Access.





by Marcee Blackerby

africn tree Marcee Blackerby


There is a kind of kinetic energy that developes when combining like with unlike, creating mystery by detaching objects from their original purpose. A found object carries with it a history and character, both light and dark. It is my intent to break open the secrets the object has gathered on its journey through life, both culutral and spiritual. An item will often take an unexpected direction, as if having intelligence and creative expression of its own. It is precisely this unexpected result, when the comon thing becomes art, that intrigues me. I like the idea of resurrecting the obsolete and bringing it center stage. My love of story-telling and fascination with language leads me to take a narrative approach in my work. My choise of materials, as much as subject, often creates an unexpected surprise for the viewers. 

About the Artist: 

Marcee Blackerby is a prolific Utah artist. Working in mixed media, she creates much of her art with found objects. “I choose thing that have memory and spark, sometimes humourous, sometimes dark.” She often works within a box, feelinng it adds another dimension. Her desire to create a narrative adds an element of mystery in all her work. “The strange and disconnected are the stuff of my creations.” She has show widely in Utah, with work in the collections of the Kennedy Center and the United Nations. She shares a home studio with her husband, artist Ric Blackerby. She has a love of community and welcomes opportunities to share her work. 

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