October 21 through November 11, 2011

Artists' Reception: Friday October, from 6 to 9 PM

Art Access Gallery

Good Fortune: Year of the Rabbit, an exhibit by 17 hand-picked Utah artists.


Fortune Teller by Erin BerrettThis past March, the seventeen artists met for lunch at Do Jo's in downtown Salt Lake, where each artist chose a creative fortune from home baked fortune cookies. Among the fortunes the artists picked that day are: "A can of worms cannot open itself," and "You will meet a skeleton in someone else's closet." Each person was then asked to create work based on the fortune they chose.

The artists, all working in various mediums, are Vicki Acoba, Trent Alvey, Cassandra Barney, Ed Bateman, Marcee Blackerby, Trent Call, Blue Critchfield, Sasha Gorham, Jean Irwin, Gerry Johnson, Kent Miles, Jared Nielsen, Joe Ostraff, Josee Pribbanow, Mark Robison, Bonnie Sucec and Ben Wiemeyer.

Access II Gallery

Pastel Landscapes by Laura Boardman

City Under Seige by Laura BoardmanLaura Boardman is known for her paintings of the western landscape and urban Salt Lake City. Paintings for this exhibit show the contrast and impact of pollution on light and color on the Utah landscape - particularly in Salt Lake City versus the high desert.

Boardman has always been inspired by the early 18th century painters in France and their focus on light and atmosphere, as well as by American West painters like Maynard Dixon of the 20th century, and his use of weather color, light and edge. While creating pieces for this exhibit, Boardman found herself wondering "whether the refraction of the light through the atmosphere had any impact on their choice of color, edge, or strokes of a brush as they developed what they wanted to communicate."

Reflecting on her paintings for this show, Boardman says she realizes now how air quality impacts light and color. "I know I'm a romantic painter," Boardman adds. "I like soft edges, glazing and colors. But never has a body of work been so pastel in feeling and color."

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