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Artist Profile: Anne Gregerson

Sunday, 24 March 2013 01:11
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Welcome to our Artist Profile feature. Each month, we interview an artist who has been involved with Art Access Gallery, either as an exhibiting artist, mentor, teacher or 300 Plates participant. We hope you enjoy getting to know the local artists who help make Art Access a diverse and enriching resource for creativity and art.

Getting to Know Artist, Anne GregersonBird in Hand small7831 1

Q: Anne, you are primarily a clay artist, working in sculpture. Women and animals seem to be a recurring theme in your work. Tell us about that?

A: I think I have always chosen women as subject matter because that is what I am and what I know. Animals and birds are rich in symbolic meaning. They sometimes represent the connection I feel to the natural world, and they can also express feelings and experiences. For example, Bird in Hand had its start while I was simply enjoying the finches feasting on sunflower seeds outside my kitchen window. As I worked on the sculpture, I began to see a deeper meaning about appreciation for what one has; and one can then go a step further, seeing birds as messengers between this world and the spirit world. Very often my thoughts and understanding of a piece evolve over time. I prefer to just give a small clue in my titles about my own thoughts and to leave plenty of room for viewers to relate to the work based on their own ideas and experiences.

Q: You have taught several workshops for Art Access. Can you tell us about your experience with that?

A: It's true that the nature of clay and the time-intensive process create some challenges. I have had to adapt projects to fit in those parameters. The workshops I have taught have been diverse groups. I have really enjoyed getting acquainted and working with the teens and adults who participated. I loved their enthusiasm and their pride in their creations.

Q: Sculpture can be an intimidating medium for beginning artists, but your students always seem to produce stunning work. How do you make clay sculpture an approachable medium for those who've never tried it?

A: Over the years that I have taught beginners. I have just figured out how to take them a step at a time, showing clay techniques as we go along. It helps that clay is so tactile and intrinsically rewarding. It is fun to see how different each person's piece turns out, and how much it expresses who they are.

Q. Anything else you'd like to add?

A. Just my appreciation for Art Access. The staff is supportive and easy to work with. I love their inclusive vision of making art accessible to everyone. It is a pleasure to participate in that.

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