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Art and Active Education

Monday, 19 September 2016 15:21
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This workshop is designed as an interactive, engaged process experience for therapists, social work students, community workers, school counselors, and other professionals.ART SUPPLIES STILL LIFE

Throughout the day participants will learn tools and strategies they can use in a variety of settings in order to work on issues of individual or societal social justice. Starting from the premise that hope is an essential component of social change, we will explore and examine: trauma; empowerment (finding your voice); how sexual abuse and intimidation is a reflection of damaged perceptions and expectations; LGBTQ abuse; and family estrangement, separation and other issues connected to gender, sexuality and cultural shifts.

By the end of the day, through participation in discussion, making art, reflecting on music and movement, all connected to evidence-based theory and practice, you will have an expanded understanding and ability to influence your community for good.

Throughout the day as we move from activity to activity we will continually ask what is hope, who defines hope, and who dares to hope. Is hope for everyone? We will discuss the concept of social justice and discuss what social justice means and we will create examples of what hope looks like in social change. We will discuss social justice in "common and uncommon" areas.

The entire day will be built upon a foundation of hope. We will put hope into action. Here is a quote by David Orr that summarizes our approach: "Hope is a verb with its shirtsleeves rolled up."

This workshop is taught by David Parker and Jania Sommers (instructor bios coming soon).

WORKSHOP DATES: October 1, 10 AM - 4 PM

LOCATION: Art Access, 230 South 500 West, #125, Salt Lake City


COST: $75; $25 for students. Please contact Elise Butterfield at , or 801-328-0703, option 4, for STUDENT DISCOUNT CODE

Visit our REGISTRATION PAGE to enroll.

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