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We are so excited that the 300 Plates fundraiser is still happening! Beautiful and fascinating plates are coming in from over 185 Utah artists, with both familiar favorites and fresh new faces. While we will miss the giddy anticipation of waiting for our wristband to be randomly selected, here's what you need to know to add to (or start) your collection of 10"x11" treasures.



Just click here to buy plates!

Sale ends Friday, June 5 at midnight. The discount will show up on your final credit card transaction.



No plate pickup this weekend... 

We have decided to move the plate pickup dates.

We will have plate pickup at Art Access on:

Friday, June 19 from 1:00-4:00 pm

Saturday, June 20 from 10:00 am-1:00 pm

As an organization that works for equity for marginalized communities, we are proud of our city for protesting and using their voices. Because of the curfews and road closures that the city have been implementing during protests, we thought it best to move plate pick up.

Also, you can still go into the sale and purchase shipping for your plate(s) and we will be happy to mail them to you.


If you have any questions, email .

Sincere Thanks to Our Fantastic Sponsors!

  • Eric & Cyndi Baughman
  • Susan Dillon & Joe Zeidner
  • Mitch & Marina Lowe
  • David L. & Kerry Ellen Carlson
  • mackenzie EXHIBIT
  • Williams, Hansen and Farr Group
  • Luis Benito
  • Audrey Bramwell & Katy Welkie
  • Mary Ann Cassell Ellis
  • Michele Christiansen Forster
  • Ted & Amy de la Garza
  • FFKR Architects
  • Michele Christiansen Forster & Daniel Forster
  • Patrick Gibbons
  • Bill & Virginia Gowski
  • Stephanie & Tim Harpst
  • Kevin Higgins & Leslie Peterson
  • Kara Houck
  • Match and Farnsworth, PC
  • Camile Nielson
  • Art Swindle
  • Terry Vismantas
  • Jo-Ann Wong 
  • Amanda Conner
  • Peggy Montrone

And thank you to The Salt Lake Tribune and The Blocks for covering our event!

2020 Participating Artists:

Updated 5/3/2020

Ryan Akerley, Gail Alamilla, Ramira Alamilla, Cassandra Barney, Brian Bean, Ryan J Bench, Katie Benson, Paul Vincent Bernard, Brandt Berntson, Erin Berrett, Namon Bills, Anastasia Bolinder, Eric Boothe, Valori Boss, Brooke Bowen, Carel P. Brest van Kempen, Allen B Brockbank, Jennifer Broschinsky, Linnie Brown, Jordan C Brun, Aspen Brunner, Kate Butler, Sunnie Bybee, Susie Bytheway, Tara Carpenter Estrada, Joe Carter, Wendy Chidester, Cindy Lewis Clark, Tess Cook, Jennifer Coppersmith, Patrice Corneli, Denise Crane, Ross Crane, Madi Cuff, Karina Cutler, Joy Davidson, Ben Davis, Kathryn Didericksen, Lisa Draper, J Amber Egbert, Hannah Emerson, Hanna Emery, Trisha Empey, Amelia Ence, Darryl Erdmann, Nick Estrada, Litzi Estrada, Jeremy Fagergren, Kindra Fehr, Katie Felgar, Kathleen Ferdon, Mason Fetzer, Angela Bentley Fife, McGarren Flack, Jolynn Forman, Natalie Garza, Renee Gilson, Rosemary Gioielli, Josanne Glass, Roberta Glidden, Heather S. Graham, Angela Graham, Lisa Graves, Cary Griffiths, Eileen Guernsey Brown, CJ Hales, Jessica Hancock, Ryan Harrington, Linda Hart, Joshi Haskell, Arlene Hatch, Megan Hayes, Andy Hayes, Katie Heiner Shupe, Whitney Horrocks, Autumn Horwath, Erica Houston, Corinne J Humphrey, Jim Isaacson, Shilo Jackson, Cara Jean, Janna K. Jensen, Ben Jimenez, Sarinda Jones, Shauna Kawasaki, Rebecca Klundt, Vita Kobylkina, William Kranstover, Jamie A Kyle, Elena Lawrence, Bee Losee, Jamie Love, Jeanette Lyman Lukens, Sydney Lund, Emma Lyon, Shari E Lyon, Alli Jones Malmrose, Vort Man, Sue Martin, Hank Mattson, Sarah Maynard, Coreen McCuistion, Candace McLane, Sara Meade, David Meikle, Bridgette Meinhold, Cheryl H. Merkley, Ashley Metzger, Jessica Michaelson, Sarah Milne, Don Miskin, Katy Montrone, Ben Morgan, Sabina Morrey, Linda Carol Morrison, Barbara Murphy, Samantha Newton, Loralee Nicolay, Jonathan Norberg, Heather Olsen, MaryAnn Paradise, Cassandria Wong Parsons, John M. Parsons, Lance Peacock, Donna Penrod, Terry Coker Peterson, Tyler Pierce, Neena Plant, Donald Andrew Prys, Jonna Ramey, Hadley Rampton, Irene Rampton, James Rees, Dennis Reynolds, Joan Reynolds-Cowles, Mimi Rogers, Paula K Rudd, Mariah Rupp, Sally Jayne Rydalch, Elizabeth Sanchez, Emily Sanders, Colby Sanford, Megan Lee Schaugaard, Alicia Schilder, Jennifer Seeley, Steven Sheffield, Rick Shorten, Deborah Shurtleff, Anthony Siciliano, Tiffany Simmons, Laura Sommer, Haily South, Christina Stanley, Scott Stanley, Terence K. Stephens, Steven Stradley, Stephanie Swift, Beki Tobiasson, Jimmi Toro, Terrel Van Leeuwen, Eileen Vestal, Catherine Vogt, Miroslava Vomela, Derrek Wall, Risa West, Justin Wheatley, Patrice Snow Whitby, Thayne Whiting, Clinton Whiting, Margaret Willis, Elizabeth T. Wilson, Laura Sharp Wilson, Rosalie Winard, Simon Winegar, Lauren K. Woodward, Daren Young, Toni Youngblood, Anna Zumwalt



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Our 300 Plates Fundraiser and Exhibition takes place the third Thursday in May each year.